My Family Ghost Story

This is my family ghost story, it happened some time in the early 1930’s. My mother, who was a teenager at the time, was sent to stay with her Grandmother. My Great Grandmother was a retired headmistress, but was also a devout spiritualist. She had been widowed twice, and recently had a boyfriend who had also just died. It was the night after the funeral. She was sent there to support her Grandmother and keep her company.

Her Grandmother told her that her boyfriend would come back to visit her that night. My mother was a little bit frightened by this, said “ Granny don’t say that”. “Yes” said my Great Grandmother “he will definitely come back to visit me tonight.”

They went to bed and later that night, there was a knock at the door. Both of them woke up. They came out on the landing. The Grandmother  then said  “he has come back to see me”. My mother was terrified and grabbing hold of her pleaded with her not to answer the door. It took my Great Grandmother some time but she eventually managed to calm she down, and then went to answer the door.

She then opened the door. There was no one there but they were muddy fingerprints down the door.  She cried out “He’s gone”.


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